Friday, August 24, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part Seven - Eve's Side

"Well, mother. Here is the woman I plan to marry," said Sir Richardo. He pushed me towards a tall woman who had raven-black colored hair and a crooked nose. She wore a long, emerald green dress, and coldly stared at me. The smile of a proud and happy mother was noticeably absent.

"Well, you could have at least told me ahead of time," she sniffed.

"Now, mother. You should be happy," he said. He stared at me with his piercing eyes, and I shivered. Again, he pushed me towards his mother. "I must now ask you to take my bride and to prepare her for our future wedding." He turned his back to his mother and I, and walked out of the room.

His mother grabbed my arm, and hissed, "And now, you must come with me." She pulled my arm, which caused me to nearly trip, and dragged me out of the room.