Friday, April 27, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part Three

The red knight spied me. "Ah, ha! So, Margaretha, you thought you could escape me. Well, you'll never be able to escape me," he said. He laughed heartily, and I felt shivers go down my spine. He turned to his men. "Come. Bring her to me."

Two men climbed off their horses, and slowly but steadily towards me. 'Run! Run now!' I thought. But I could not. My body would not obey my mind. They grabbed my arms and started to drag me. I thrashed about and tried to pull away, but their strength was as two, strong steel bars. They succeeded in dragging me over to the red knoght and lifted me up to the knight, while the knight grabbed me. "Let go of me!" I cried.

"Hey! That's my sister! Let her go!" said Ben. He charged towards the two knights, but the other three knights grabbed Ben's arms and held him fast. The first two knights turned towards Ben, and walked over to him. The red knight pulled the reigns of his horse, and began to ride away. I looked over the shoulder of the red knight, and watched in horror as one of the knights punched Ben. "Hey! That's my brother! Ben!" I screamed. The red knight ignored my pleas, and I could do nothing but helplessly watch as my brother was unched. Ben becane more and more distant to my eyes as the distance between us grew farther. Soon, I could see him no more.