Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I just want to wish everyone a happy new year. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two More Writing Blogs Added

Today I have added two more writing blogs. The blogs added are:
  • David B. Dale's Very Short Novels
  • Charlotte Rains Dixon's Word Strumpet

You can find these and other blogs on the lower right side of this blog. Any suggestions for other writing blogs are welcome.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nevermind ...

If you are wondering where the poll is, I deleted it just a few minutes ago. My explanation is here.

I'm terribly sorry for any confusion that this might have caused.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Poll Posted

I have posted a new poll in order to determine whether or not it is worth it to still post additional parts to this story, or if I should start a new story. The question is "Do you like "The Knight of the Red Dragon" so far?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Part Eight ...

In case you are wondering why part eight has not been posted, you can read my note on my notebook blog.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poll Results

Well, I don't have any results to write about as no one voted. Is anyone reading this blog?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Added a Poll

I just added a poll to this blog. It is open for the next thirteen days and I will post the results after the poll closes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part Seven - Eve's Side

"Well, mother. Here is the woman I plan to marry," said Sir Richardo. He pushed me towards a tall woman who had raven-black colored hair and a crooked nose. She wore a long, emerald green dress, and coldly stared at me. The smile of a proud and happy mother was noticeably absent.

"Well, you could have at least told me ahead of time," she sniffed.

"Now, mother. You should be happy," he said. He stared at me with his piercing eyes, and I shivered. Again, he pushed me towards his mother. "I must now ask you to take my bride and to prepare her for our future wedding." He turned his back to his mother and I, and walked out of the room.

His mother grabbed my arm, and hissed, "And now, you must come with me." She pulled my arm, which caused me to nearly trip, and dragged me out of the room.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

About Part 7

If you're wondering why part 7 hasn't been posted yet, you can read my explanation here.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part Six - Ben's Side

Some time later I woke up. A middle-aged, peasant man, a peasant woman about the man's age and the kind who rescued me, stood over me. "Huh? Who are you?" I asked. I pointed towards the kid, "And you. You never told me your name. What is it?"

"It's best you don't know," he said. "What?" I asked. The three of them stared at me as if I had just fallen from the sky.

"Doesn't he know?" the woman whispered.

"I think he got his head hit one too many times. You should have seen those knights ...," The man and woman glared at the kid, and fell silent.

"Oh, Solomon! Are you sure he is the one?" asked the woman.

"Yes, Ruth. I am sure," answered Solomon.

"What?" I said. They turned their backs to me and I laid back down. 'What on Earth are they talking about?" It was then that I felt the sharp, piercing pain in my head.

A loud knock startled me. Solomon walked over to a door and opened it. An old man wearing a shawl with tassels walked in the room. The two men whispered to each other in a language I did not understand. The kid walked to a table, carrying two candles. He wore a small white cap on his head.

'That cap looks familiar ... Oh! I got it!' At that point, though, I felt my head ache again. "Oh!" I moaned. Ruth came over to the side of my bed, and lowered a wooden cup to my mouth. "Here. Drink this. It'll take away the pain and help you sleep," she said. I took some sips from the cup and could taste the bitterness of the liquid. I shut my eyes, and soon I was out.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part Five - Eve's Side

After riding for a long time - possibly two hours - we, the red knight and I, finally entered into a large clearing in the forest. Straight ahead of us was a wall of timber surrounding a manor house on a hill. "Where are you, you lazy bums! What do I have to do? Bang on the gate door? You should have already seen or heard me coming! Open up! Now!" he yelled.

A man popped up his head and leaned over the wall. "Oh! It's our Lord Richardo de la Rougue!" he yelled, away from the wall. He looked back at us, "Oh, Sire, we shall have the gate open for you in no time." Then he disappeared.

"Darn right, it's me. They should've had that gate open," muttered the knight.

'And I wish I could get away from you,' I thought. 'It would be so easy if I slid off the horse . . . .' But I knew I didn't stand a chance of getting free.

A scrapping noise jarred me from my thoughts, and I looked up. The two door gate was slowly opening. I stopped to look in amazement. 'Are the using pulleys?' I wondered. Within a couple of minutes I had my answer. No; only brute, human strength was moving those doors. Soon the doors opened up enough that one could enter through, riding on a horse, and before I realized what was happening, the knight and I were behind the timber walls.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part Four - Ben's Side

"Stupid boy! Foolish knave! How dare you try to harm our Lord's betrothed!" yelled one of the knights. Bam! The impact of that knight's fist against my jaw nearly knocked me over. A second later, I was doubling over in pain after another knight, who had a jagged scar on his chin, gave me a kick in my most precious spot. Two seconds later I was flat on my face after another knight kicked me in the rear. A kick to my side knocked out my breath. I heard the sound of metal rubbing against, and I realized that one of the knights had pulled out his sword. 'Get up! Run!' I told myself. But as hard as I tried, my body was too sore to move.

'Well, I guess this is the end,' I thought. At that moment I heard a whizzing sound. "Ah-h!" screamed one of the knights. He fell over with a sickening thud.

"Where did that come from?" asked one of the other knights.

"Looks like it came from our right," replied the other knight. "Well, let's go get the person who did it," said the first knight. I heard them get on their horses and ride off. Then it was quiet, except for the moaning of the third knight.

"Well, they're gone," said a voice. The hair on my neck stood up, and goosebumps appeared on my arms. 'I'm not alone,' I thought. "Well, what are ya layin' there for. Come on. Get up," said the voice.

"I can't get up," I said. "I'm in too much pain." "Can't get up? Hm, ya're worse off than I thought. Well, I'll just have to pick you up." I felt a couple of hands touch my body, and in the next moment I was on my feet. I looked up and came face to face with a guy who was about my size and looked to be my age. "Come on. Let's go," he said. "Who are you?" I asked. "We don't have very much time. Let's go." "What about him?" I pointed to the knight. The boy looked at me. "Are you crazy? He just tried to kill you. Forget him." He wrapped my arm around his shoulder, and we hobbled along the dirt path.

Note about Part Four

If you are wondering about why I just deleted Part 4, read my note here. I will be reposting Part Four in a little bit.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another Note about the Knight of the Red Dragon

I said was going to stop working on this novel (or story), but I've had to put my other idea for a new novel on hold. So, I will continue to be working on this story. You can read more about the other novel here:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A New Blog

I have just created a new blog to serve as a notebook to this blog. You can find it by clicking on Check out my notebook for this blog link. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Note about The Knight of the Red Dragon

I haven't worked on this story for several weeks primarily because I have been busy. At the moment, I believe I will take a break from writing this story, and start a new one. I don't know when I will come back to this story yet, but I do plan to finish it some day.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part Three

The red knight spied me. "Ah, ha! So, Margaretha, you thought you could escape me. Well, you'll never be able to escape me," he said. He laughed heartily, and I felt shivers go down my spine. He turned to his men. "Come. Bring her to me."

Two men climbed off their horses, and slowly but steadily towards me. 'Run! Run now!' I thought. But I could not. My body would not obey my mind. They grabbed my arms and started to drag me. I thrashed about and tried to pull away, but their strength was as two, strong steel bars. They succeeded in dragging me over to the red knoght and lifted me up to the knight, while the knight grabbed me. "Let go of me!" I cried.

"Hey! That's my sister! Let her go!" said Ben. He charged towards the two knights, but the other three knights grabbed Ben's arms and held him fast. The first two knights turned towards Ben, and walked over to him. The red knight pulled the reigns of his horse, and began to ride away. I looked over the shoulder of the red knight, and watched in horror as one of the knights punched Ben. "Hey! That's my brother! Ben!" I screamed. The red knight ignored my pleas, and I could do nothing but helplessly watch as my brother was unched. Ben becane more and more distant to my eyes as the distance between us grew farther. Soon, I could see him no more.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part 2

I hit the ground violently. I sat up, and saw dirt fly up into the air and fall back down. I looked around and found myself in a forest. "Ben, where are you?" I asked. I looked around, but he was no where in sight.

A faint cry rang out from the trees. "Eve-e!" said Ben. I followed the cry and found Ben lying on the ground. I picked him up, and brushed the dirt off his clothes. "Are you okay?" I asked. Ben nodded his head.

A soft, clomping sound rang out of the trees. "What was that?" I asked. "Horses!" said Ben. He moved towards the sound.

Out of the trees burst several men on horseback. They wore armor and chain mail. The most prominent member of their group wore a red tunic; the others wore white tunics. Despite the shock I felt, I had no doubt about whom those men were.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Knight of the Red Dragon - Part 1

By Jessica Oswalt
If you really to know, yes, I was the one who started it all. I forced Ben to come to the fair with me and wear the peasant clothes that accurately portrayed what a peasant would wear in the Eleventh Century. Of course, Ben was not thrilled; he does not care for anything old or historical. All he cares about is whether or not a new packet series of Magic cards has come into the stores. I, of course, wanted to impress upon my brother the importance of what has happened in the past; every event sets of a chain reaction that reverberates into today.

At least I thought Ben only cared for Magic cards; I never expected him to drool over all the different weapons and armor with big, bulging eyes. Nor, did I ever expect him to run to that tent. Yes, that tent was weird. I had never seen that shop before. Lady's Magic in bright, gold-laced, red violet letters was splashed across the front.

Ben's eyes bulged out of his head at the sight of the word, magic. "Eve-e! Eve-e! Look! A magic shop!" he said. He grabbed my arm and yanked it so hard that I thought it would no longer be attached to my body. Reluctantly, I followed him inside.

"Oh, wow!" gasped Ben. He walked over to a large, purple, glass ball on a wooden stand.

"Whoa! Hold on a moment!" I said. I grabbed Ben's shoulder. "That could break, and I wouldn't be able to pay for it." Ben groaned and rolled his eyes. I glared at him and he stuck out his tongue.

"Can I help you?" asked a voice. I staggered backwards. Before Ben and I stood a raven-black, curly haired woman with a horribly crooked nose. She was dressed in either a dark blue or purple, flowing gown.

"Oh, we were just-" I started, but before I could say anymore, Ben cut in. "Do you have any magic books?"

"Magic books? Sure, I have one you might like," she said. She smiled and I shivered as chills went up my spine. She pulled out an old, leather-bound book with green and red geometric shapes. I could tell it was very old, and I was instantly drawn to it, with eyes just as large as Ben's.

Carefully and gently, I opened the book, and Ben and I leaned into the book. Inside, I could just barely make out the faint handwriting on the vellum page, and below the handwriting, a large, red dragon was spread across the bottom of the page. I began to read, "Oh, yea who see this/ know yea the red dragon lives./ A knight with might and a light, red gem/ at first light/ brings a new night." I looked back at the writing. "What? That doesn't make sense," I said. I felt a low rumble beneath my feet, and when I looked up, I saw that the tent was shaking violently. Everything around me began to turn into a bright, white light, and I could do nothing but shut my eyes. I heard a loud roar and could feel my body being knocked down by a strong force.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Blerial is Coming!!

What is a blerial? A blerial is short for a blog serial. In other words, a story, book, novel, etc., that is posted on a blog in a serial form. In other words, it is just like the serialized stories printed in the newspapers.

(If you are wondering where I came up with the word blerial, I made it up. I just combined the word blog and serial together. I just thought it sounded interesting.)

Anyway, I will be posting part of a story soon, but that will only be when I have more time than I have at the moment.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

About This Blog

This blog is where I will write my novels, stories, etc. I will post by parts of chapters as writing one whole chapter at time will be too long for people to read to on the internet. I can't guarantee whether or not I will post daily, but I will post probably at least once a week or more. So, come join me on this writing journey.